Bill Tim

Bill and Tim, two brothers from Southern Illinois, collectively have over 70 years of experience hunting the great outdoors. Their passion for hunting does not stop with the traditional hunting and fishing. They also enjoy searching beautiful scenery each spring for the wild sponge morels.

During the last decade, they have used their experience to create a unique and illusive camouflage using the morel pattern. They both learned that with the conventional camouflage on the market today, that improvements should be made in order for today's hunters to remain in plain sight and yet be almost invisible.

Mission Statement

We strongly believe Morel Camo blends in so well that it allows the hunter to get away with movement even at ground level, eye-to-eye with the game animals they hunt. Some movements have to be made in order to get off your shot. With that being said, we know Morel Camo will help the hunter's confidence necessary to improve shot placement, which is the ultimate goal. We also pledge to be here with our product to assist our customers, the American Hunter, in carrying on the great outdoors tradition.

Morel Camo Family