Ted Schrader

Ted Schrader grew up in Northwest Arkansas via Pea Ridge. Growing up he spent a lot of time on the family farm enjoying quail hunting. As he got older he learned to appreciate the outdoors and that is what led him to filming in the outdoors. Ted started Timberwolf video productions in 1995 and began filming hunts with pro staff from Fieldline Accessories and moved on to film Fat Cat Outfitters promotional videos and helped them promote their duck decoys, namely the roto-duck decoy and their line of duck calls. But Ted didn't stop there, he continued his videography career by filming country music videos with artists such as Joe Nicols, Diamond Rio, Cross Canadian Ragweed, and The Willie Stradlin Band. Ted has made quite a name for himself with his creative video skills and continues to be sought after by companies who need training videos, marketing videos, and even tests out products for video stores. No job is too small for this man, he still gets requests to film weddings and such.

Ted has years of experience with filming in the outdoors, and with that experience, he has become quite an accomplished hunter. He doesn't have much opportunity to hunt quail anymore due to the small number of birds, instead he focuses on hunting whitetail deer, turkey, elk, and wild hogs. But Ted is not alone, he has two beautiful daughters that have joined him in the woods and have carried on in his footsteps by carrying on Ted's hunting heritage. From the time his daughters could walk, they have been exposed to the outdoors, and to this day, they have taken quite a few animals with dad at their side. Ted believes that the most important thing he can do as a father is to teach kids how to respect and appreciate the outdoors.

TedŐs dream is to one day film and produce a television show that promotes the outdoors as well as teaches kids valuable information on how to keep our hunting heritage alive.