Ronnie Cook

My name is Ronnie Cook of Greenfield,TN. I am married to Michelle and we have three children Karsen, Kendal and Keaton. I Grew up hunting with my grandfather at the age of 8. I learned alot of lessons from him, like its not always about what you kill but its about the thrill and experience of the hunt. I am absolutely addicted to the outdoors. I spend a lot of time hunting with my youngest daughter Kendal and would rather watch her take a deer or turkey than for me to take the biggest trophy in the world. Keaton is just getting started . I love to watch a person young or old take their first deer or turkey. We have been a part of Kids Hunting For A Cure since it started and will continue to support their great cause. If you want to see some happy kids sign up and help at this event.

I am firm believer if more people got involved in hunting and the outdoors, there would be far less problems in this world.