Joe Norman

Joe Norman was born and raised in the beautiful Ozark Mountains near Kingston, Arkansas. Being the youngest sibling, Joe started learning about the outdoors at a young age. To say that Joe grew up in a family that yielded a long line of outdoorsmen would be an understatement. Joe, along with his two brothers and two sisters, are direct descendants of Davy Crockett.

Joe started hunting at the age of five, which found him enjoying squirrel hunting with his brothers. At the age of eight, Joe took his first wild turkey. As normal as that sounds, it was quite the opposite since his father sent him in the woods alone with a Tom Gaskins box call, a single shot 20 gauge shotgun, and one shell. Two hours later, Joe fell in love with the outdoors by yielding a long bearded Arkansas gobbler. Even though turkey hunting was Joe's real introduction to hunting, the whitetail deer is the animal that he found most interesting and ultimately became his favorite game.

Being successful in the woods of Northwest Arkansas led Joe to guiding non residents on deer hunts by the time he was 18. Besides teaching others the ways of the elusive whitetail, Joe was always learning better ways to "stack the odds in his favor". People were soon talking about his success as a hunter in the small town he grew up in. It was soon no surprise to anyone that Joe was harvesting some of the largest whitetails that Northwest Arkansas had to offer, and he started getting some attention for it.

By the age of 30, Joe was still guiding hunters and sharing his knowledge with others. But it wasn't long before he got his opportunity in the hunting industry. Joe became a pro-staff member of Remember the Hunt Television and soon had numerous sponsors that allowed him to hunt with some of the best equipment available on the market. It was during that time that Joe was titled with "Whitetail Expert", but he has his own opinion about titles. Joe always remembered where he came from and when given the opportunity at the 2007 NRA convention, standing next to Larry Weishun and Stan Potts, he relayed that message when asked about the best deer hunters in the world. Joe simply stated that you can watch several hunting celebrities and think they are the best, but there are people that I have known for years that work hard every week to support their families, but still find the time to successfully take trophy whitetails every year, that is what I consider the best deer hunters in the world. Joe made a few fans that day, but he would call them friends instead of fans. Joe moved on to the show Open Season, and enjoyed hunting in different states and met a lot of great people along the way, until January of 2009, that is when Joe walked away from the show because he wanted to get back to the kind of hunting he loved, hunting without politics! Joe hopes to one day have his own show that actually teaches others the basics about hunting and appreciating the outdoors, a show that is not based on using products that he doesn't believe in just to pay for the show, instead he wants to promote the products that he truly believes in. But most importantly he wants to feel free to help kids have a chance to love the outdoors the way that he does and promote the outdoors without trying to become famous. But Joe is not alone is his quest, he has some hunting partners that support and love him, mainly his wife, Bethany, who enjoys the outdoors, but we cannot leave out his children. Karina, the oldest, has become quite the hunter and she is proud to carry on the hunting heritage that has been passed on to her. She is joined by one brother, Kendall, two step brothers, Dawson and Camden, and one step sister Parker, which all enjoy nature and the outdoors.