Jason Clutter

I have been an avid hunter since I could walk, and I know that keen senses are the most important tool you can have. I also know that when you step into the woods the odds are stacked against a hunter. I constantly look for any advantage I can, and most the time I find myself disappointed. That was until I found Morel Camo. If anyone is serious about getting in close to wild game, this is the best solution. I have literally stalked to within feet of deer, turkey, and geese, and even when they would look at me they couldn't figure out what or exactly where I was. My proof is on the wall and in my freezer, and I just want to say, "thank you Morel Camo," for Providing the best advantage to the true hunter in the wild outdoors!!! I recommend this pattern to everyone, and If you want to disappear then you should try this too!!!